Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sometimes I get it wrong...

Ok Folks...admission to make. Every so often my terrain builds go wrong and I thought I would share with you my latest misfortune so others don't make the same mistake.

everybody these days seems to be raging about teddy bear fur for fields, thatch roofs etc so I thought I would get in on the act.

I headed off to my local fabric store in Kingston and bought a metres worth (just under actually for a couple of quid) - the colour I chose was called honey.

This is half of the purchase about 3ft square

I then headed into Wilkinsons an bought some dye. Green dye to bye precise for £2.99

I got home and soaked the teddy fur in water (as per instructions)...I then mixed up the dye with water and salt in an old bucket.

I then dumped the cloth into the bucket and left for an hour.

Rather stupidly I did not follow all the instructions...I had to stir continuously for an hour. Bugger that for a game of soldiers and with no tiddly peeps on hand to pay to do the hard work I left it to stand.

Result...not much dyeing...as you can see its gone a darker shade but not the green I was hoping for.

Net result....it might have been the fabrics resistance to dye or I should have just stirred !

Until next time


  1. Quite a few guides say to give the fur a few washes - I'm sure it'll come together!

  2. You can purchase teddy-bear fur in green (green teddys ?)

  3. Your not the only one to get terrain wrong! ;-)

  4. That's a pain, can you spray paint it?

  5. You may find that the cheaper fur is made of polyester or even nylon and may not dye at all :-( http://www.madehow.com/Volume-3/Fake-Fur.html#b has an interesting article on 'fake fur'.

    Ask in the material shop for advise. Good luck as the only thing I normally manage to dye is may hands (blue for Cyanotype pictures and green for base boards at the mo)...

  6. I was a bit devious when I dyed my game mat. Waited till MrsJ was out then used the dylon machine method instructions. After it was finished I flushed the machine through on a rinse cycle. She was none the wiser and it worked a treat.

    1. I have done this as well, but with canvas and never with fur.