Sunday 3 August 2014

Making your own Clump Foliage...Messy but Fun

Hi Folks

I pictorial tutorial to show you how I made a vast amount of clump foliage for some smoke explosions in the planning phase. Please note I take no responsibility for any damage or mess you make to your kitchens in this process ;-)

The following took less than was so exciting I roped my daughter into make this wonderful recipe !

Take all those foam inserts from the figure packs you have horded always thinking they have a purpose

Chop with scissors into large irregular pieces

Place the sponge pieces into a mixer with a glass of water (essential)...I bought my mixer on ebay for £5

Whisk up the water and pieces of foam for a minute

Place the pieces from the mixer into a bowl...and carry on

A full bowl !

Strain the water from the sponge over the to get out as much as you can

Lots of dry pierces of foam

These are the ingredients you will use acrylic if you want foliage & cheap white liquid pva. Buy this in poundstores

Add dollops of both to the will need quite a lot

Mix by hand...never realised how many of those bands my daughter wears!

Don't let the mixer touch anything...good thing she is wearing rubber gloves...strongly recommended

Prepare a wooden base covered in cling film...this way the mixture wont stick to the surface

Spread mixture over tray

Bake this in the Sun, warm room etc for about three days

In a future post Ill show how these black clumps will become smoke explosions....

Until next time


  1. My wife would never let me try that indoors. Great idea though.

  2. Out of interest, what does the glue do in the colouring stage? Does this help stick the clumps together?

  3. Great tutorial. Cant wait for the rest.

  4. I would be strongly discouraged for hijacking the magimix for hobby purposes. Interesting method though!

  5. Wonderful, looking forward to what comes next.

  6. Fascinating! I'm interested to see what's next.