Sunday, 9 February 2014

When Saturday can be brilliant

Hi Folks

I was very fortunate to be invited over at short notice to a good friend, Captain Blood, this weekend to take part in a couple of games on his fabulous terrain.

Rather than write up full battle reports I just thought I'd let the pictures do the talking...first up an adventure in the North American Wilderness - French Indian Wars style.

The second game is rather a chase - some brave British soldiers and Boers escaping from some spirited Zulus

Here we go..

Alls quiet in the settlement

Abenaki braves approach through the fields

Taking aim

Action breaks out at the fort - the redcoats brush off the assault with ease

The braves swarm into the village, hunting slaves plunder and scalps

The villagers unaware of what is going to hit them

More indians advance through the woods

The brave scot pipers try to rescue the women folk

View from above

Across deer creek

Into the fields

The Mohicans arrive

But too late the women are being dragged off

The Indians withdrawing with their loot

and here is the Zulu game

Captain Carey tells the men to mount up

The officers and NCO's seem to get the mounting bit better than others

Across the valley lies the safety of the Donga

But its quite a long way away...

It looks very quiet
The riders managed to get out of the village as the Zulus emerge...thooursands of em !

All apart from trooper Cochrane - still couldn't saddle his horse

The Riders break

With Zulus hot on their heels

Approaching the Donga they have to ride carefully down the steep slopes

Captain Carey pursued by bloodthirsty warrios

The end of the Imperial Prince Napoleon - he lost his horse in the Donga and then got torn too shreds

The last man escapes

Great fun - of the eight men who tried to escape four were succesful


  1. Excellent! and you're right, the tables are great. Must be a joy to play on those.

  2. Brilliant, you've said it! Excelent looking pictures, love the terrain and the civilians!

  3. Lovely tables. Looks like you had fun with the games :)

  4. Both reports are great. The tables and miniature look excellent! What a great way to spend the weekend!

  5. Fine stuff, lovely terrain and figures!

  6. Absolutely tremendous terrain, I remember following the build of the Zulu board on the Gentlemen's Wargames Parlour - just wonderful.

  7. At the risk of sounding redundant: great looking table! =]

  8. Isn't that the "Death in the Donga" game that Staines wargamers used to put on at shows c30 years ago? Great memories - is there a link to the rules anywhere?

    1. SJ walker - Ill see if I can lay my hands on a set...same question was asked on the LAF

  9. Captain Blood is your friend!!! Ok ... I'm officially even more jealous!!! Excellent stuff Eric! :-)

  10. Nice to see Richard's terrain and figures in action!

  11. A couple of fantastic looking games! Beautiful terrain!


  12. Amazing, I love the two tables, we see not all as beautiful days. Congratulations we are proud that our games played on this table like this.
    Frederic Machu