Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tales of Shedwood - Inside the Town Walls

So over the last few nights I have been steadily painting the walls of Nottingham – three Games Workshop Fortresses ! Total cost about £70 on ebay.

This equates to 12 towers (more on this in a second), two gatehouses (more on this as well). And nine wall sections.

Having painted (not sprayed) an acrylic black primer, I have just drybrushed on two tones of greyon the walls and one of the towers. Hopefully will finish this off tomorrow. I am going to trial one piece with an ink wash and then give this a final lighter coat.

I also need to paint all the doors and tower trapdoors !

I had three gatehouses but only needed two for the walls. The third is being cut up to create the bastion (with round towers) for the Towns castle. More on this soon.

Why the update? Well all my buildings have now arrived ! A mix of Conflix, EM4 & PMC.
My son and I have recently being playing Skyrim on the xbox and when he first saw the city I thought it looked like the Cities in the game – Solitude and Whiterun. For thise of you with an Xbox but have never played Skyrim do so – its an awesome game.

I mentioned that a few more buildings had been bought. I finally managed to secure the Conflix Merchants house on ebay for a tenner and it is a fine addition. A couple more of these standard houses wont go amiss.

In addition I have bought a total of seven 28mm buildings from PMC. These are quite frankly brilliant. Not only do they work really well in my city they will also look great as a village on the outskirts of Shedwood Forest.
Should state that all these buildings have lift off roofs, they appear durable and are really well painted.

As far as the base is concerned I am now leaning towarsds a cloth sheet suitably muddied and flocked.
I am only beginning to realise how massive this project is...the city and terrain is relatively straightforward from here but to populate the town with citizens, carts and livestock will prove to be a herculean task. Not to mention expensive. On top of that I have to build the barons, sheriff and KLings forcers along with Robin Hood and his Merry men. Sourcing this lot may be fun, but painting them could be painful...

Some Piccies

Until next time


  1. Wow what a great looking city, just crying out to be gamed in. Hats off to you for all your dedication and hard work
    Peace James

  2. Great idea to have a complete walled town. Well worth the effort and expense.


  3. Very impressive! A great work...

  4. wow, that is looking fabulous. The differently source buildings mix in well together.

    -- Allan

  5. That looks great! I am planning/building something similar. I have a bunch of Conflix buildings and a few PMC ones, and town walls, gate houses, keeps and towers (13) from the old Mage Knight Castle. Unfortunately due to moving house (2 years ago) everything is in boxes in the garage. At some point I need to sort out a garage wall to wall and floor to ceiling with boxes to find all the pieces and set it up.