Sunday 2 June 2013

Tales of Shedwood - Fortified Priory added

Another quick update from the Tales of Shedwood Forest. Having recently been invited to take part in another Robin Hood game I am beginning to get very excited about how my own project might develop. Rather unusually this particular project has started with the terrain build and not the figures however saying that I have purchased some of the lead & plastic I need but it’s going to take time to get this stuff painted.

Frequent visits to ebay are showing a dearth of suitable cheap figures so I will almost certainly have to pay full whack for ranges from Fireforge, Crusader, Curteys, Foundry, Blacktree Design and a few others. Enough of the moaning and onto the serious stuff.

First up I have almost finished the renovation of the fortified priory. This was built many years ago and ended up in a horrible grey enamel. A new paint job, new roofs, some doors (salvaged from the GW castle sets I have been acquiring) have all lead to a rather impressive building. I have some monks on the painting table so the priory will have a few residents in place soon.


  1. Great looking addition, very nice work!!

  2. Really nice looking model, it looks just the right size as well.

  3. very nice model that you made, impressive.