Thursday, 13 June 2013

Half Year Report & The 100th Post

This Blog was launched in December 2011 and six months ago I wrote a report on the progress achieved to date. At the time I mentioned that I had achieved in the first year of its life 54 postings, 25,000 page views and 90 followers.

I made a rather bold statement that I wanted to treble the total number of page views to 75,000 and increase my number of followers to 180. Given that we are nearly half way through the year (believe it or not) I thought I would provide a small update on how things were going.

In the first six months of this year I have now broken the 100 post barrier (This post is number 100), achieved close to 50,000 page views and increased the following to 131. With the exception of the followers numbers I have effectively doubled in six months what was achieved in the whole of last year. So if progress continues at the current rate the targets I set for myself a year ago should be attainable.

What can I promise you in the next six months....

More on the Medieval/Robin Hood themed project during the summer months,

More games actions - a big Pirate event is planned for Tuesday 25th June,

Watch my progress as I start to build from scratch hedges, ditches and wattle fences.

Introductory games on Saga, 10mm Napoleonics and Mad Max...

Its going to be fun...

On a final note my better half, Mrs Shed, suggested that some ogf the followers might want to purchase a Shed Wars t-shirt ? So if you are interested in some fancy new beachwear for your summer holidays drop me a line. I can promise you that if I do go ahead with this initiative the Tshirt will be black with the Shedwars green logo. Once I have an idea of numbers (and sizes)I'll put up a reasonable cost (best guess underr a tenner plus P&P) and I'll add a couple of quid to go to Help a Heroes.

I'll try and get a copy made up in the next couple of weeks...

Until next time

Eric the Shed


  1. Congratulations on post #100!!

  2. Great job on your blog. I have yet to break the 100 follower mark myself. I am duly jealous.