Sunday, 3 June 2018

Colonial Wars - Khartoum starts to take shape

Six months ago I was in the middle of painting my forces for the Sudan Campaign and rather foolishly I stated that I wanted to build Khartoum - I even made a start on the walls. You can read about it here...Khartoum build

So six months on and a fair bit of purchasing, the last few weeks has seen a steady stream of mdf buildings being constructed in the shed and tonight I can proudly show the start of something quite new for the shed. Like both my medieval & peninsular village this is going to be big.

The constructions will all be mounted on 30cm square ply tiles to allow a high degree of flexibility. Add in a few palms and we have a generic arabian city suitable for many genres..

A few shots...the walled city. Going to need more walls and a port is also on the agenda.

I can see this being used for Pulp, Fantasy and my Crusade games as well

Going to need a mosque - with minarets of course

The buildings in the centre of the town are quite modern - will be using these as the colonial offices, admin and governors residences. They will need walled perimeters

Amazing what a couple of palm trees can do...

So now the city scape is taking shape its time to focus on the buildings. Part of the problem with mdf is its flatness and lack of depth to the walls. The latter can be tackled with foam core (see below)

and the flatness can be addressed by creating a mix of paint, pva, sand and filler - just stipple it on.

All the buildings will receive this treatment and then be glued down onto a 30cm square board. The board then gets dressed with slabs and sand.

Once painted it all starts to come to life...

Better when you add some figures (afghans) and some plants

Thats the first tile of 16 done (and that is not counting the city walls)

More soon...

part 3 here


  1. Wow! Outstanding, terrific and well done all fail to describe the visual impact this creation makes.

  2. now you only need some dows

  3.'ve been busy 😀!!

  4. '' we gotta blackhawk down, we gotta blackhawk down'' ... oops thats another period :-)

  5. Beautiful work! Keep at it. Love it.

  6. Insanity, as always :)
    This may turn out your best one yet.

  7. Very Impressive work - I like the tile concept but with 16 30cm square tiles where will you store of this stuff. At some point the shed needs to expand to become a warehouse!

  8. I like the idea of 30cm squares, thus creating little neighbourhoods, that's good, I may pinch that idea for my Middle Eastern village. Where did you get the plants and palm trees from?

  9. This is a wonderful project. Nicely done!

  10. Good heavens, that's impressive, both in looks and scale! Very versatile, usable across many periods. Well done!

  11. Eric, Love the project. One of the things I bought was the Minaret Tower from Minature Building Authority. It is something that is pretty unique, would be a bit of a challenge to make on my own, and adds some real height to the buildings. You may want to look at it. Cost is not overly expensive, but shipping to England may be a bit much. Looking forward to the rest of the project. Best of luck.

  12. I love the scale of your projects Eric. You never do anything by halves. Keep it coming!

  13. Always enjoy your builds Eric, as much for the scale of them as anything else. This does not disappoint.

  14. Very impressive Eric as always I love the scale of your enthusiasm and ambition 😀

  15. Fantastic work! Funnily enough I’ve just picked up my Susan project again and am building similar, except less impressive and more crappy