Sunday, 7 May 2017

Napoleonic Project - part 6 - British Infantry Battalions

Good Afternoon All

As promised in my last two posts I am delighted to reveal the British Infantry Battalions - 12 in total. Of these I can lay claim to painting 11 of them in the past five weeks.

Part 5 can be found here

These are all based on Warbases movement trays - 4 men to a tray. Each man is based on a 25mm steel washer. The battalions are all 24 men strong (ie six bases) - the left and right trays are painted as the flank companies - grenadiers with white plumes and light companies with green plumes. Typically each of my battalions has two standard bearers, a drummer, a seargent major with Pike and an officer. In some of the units I have a sapper figure.

The figures a mix of Perry, Warlord and Victrix. They all work really well but if I had any complaint the Victrix heads are too small. The fact that these arrived already assembled meant I stuck with the heads attached otherwise I'd be inclined to have swapped them.

Most of the flags came from the box sets themselves.

Just to prove they are all painted a couple of big pictures

Interesting you can see 288 figures in this picture - when lined out in a two rank posiition this stretches to over 3 metres.

Given a regular battalion had anything from 600 to 1000 men that would make a small battalion stretch over 6 metres on the gaming table !

And onto the regiments themselves - don't worry I am not going to show everyone !

The Grenadier Guards (1st Regiment of Foot Guards)

The Royal Welsh Fusileers

£rd East Kent Regiment - The Buffs

29th Regiment of Foot (Worcestershire)

45th Regiment (Sherwood Forresters)

14th Regiment (East Essex)

95th Regiment (The Rifles)

The Gordon Highlanders

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Painting Tartan...urggh !

The Black Watch - These guys wore red plumes through out the regiment - as you can see the tartan is very feint

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So that's it on the British Infantry (for the moment) - There is still the Allied Portugal Brigade to paint and of course all those French Men.

For the moment I am turning my attention to the cavalry...More on this very soon

part 7 can be found here


  1. Superb and absolutely prolific work on your part.

  2. You have considerably stamina ...impressive 😀

  3. You did what?
    Painting 11 battalions in 5 weeks?!?
    That's at least a year of painting for me.
    Congratulations with your excellent work.

    1. Don't forget the Artillery, Generals and Dragoons in the five weeks

  4. wonderful , i would recommend the metallic sharpie pens ( gold/silver/bronze)for doing fittings buttons etc .

  5. These look great. That's a lot of figures in five weeks.

  6. Amazing! Looking forward to see the French!

    Question regarding the basing, are the models based on 25mm rounds and then on 60x60mm square bases?

    1. Yes - 25mm steel washers inserted into a warbases 2 x2 (which I think is 60mm square) - this provides total flexibility in formations and rulesets.

      The steel washers give the base some weight which plastic/mdf bases cannot provide which is essential with plastic figures

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