Thursday, 4 May 2017

Napoleonic Project part 5

OK so I promised you shots of the British Infantry but still have not finished them - trying to source flags cheap and will probably make my own using internet piccies.

Part 4 can be found here

However I have finished off my first French Unit - a rather wonderful set from Perry - their French Dragoons. Each box comes with 13 riders and eight infantry figures. I had not appreciated the French Dragoons still fought on foot.

Mine have been painted with the rather fetching pink facings

The cavalry unit of 12 figures looks super imposing

Four of them have been given red plumes to denote they are members of the elite squadron and I figured one of these should carry the regiment's Eagle

You will have noticed that the cavalry mounts are all different colours - I figured being a dragoon unit it wouldn't matter too much BUT the trumpeter has been given a grey mount and is wearing the Imperial regulated colours rather than the reverse facings. The Officer has been mounted on a round base so he could become a Brigade commander if needed.

Whilst finishing off these Dragoons I used the opportunity to finish the basing of the first British Cavalry regiment - a rather splendid unit of light Dragoons

More soon....

Part 6 can be found here


  1. After all this work, I would treat my self and little men to some nice flags. It's the flag that catches the eye.

  2. Is it true you never sleep or eat Eric?

    1. Eric has several sheds, one of which is full of Filipina women, painting furiously.

    2. No thats your dream Legatus...

      Sleep ...yes...
      eat...yes (but not a lot)
      ....drink....yes (quite a lot of good red plonk)
      go to work...yes...fulfil family chores...yes
      and whats left I paint and play wargames (I just paint fast !...and not very well)

  3. lol ... I'm imagining all those Filipina women working furiously in the attic of the shed.

    Excellent progress!

  4. just saw all the filipinas on their break swimming in the hogsmill . ..

  5. IMHO Still think its best to have naps BP cavalry shown as fighting in 2 ranks , not one long line ... this may be more aesthetic and practical ( in terms of space ) .

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