Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rorkes Drift - Groundwork almost completed

Good Evening Folks

Since I last left you I mentioned that I was tackling the groundwork for my Rorkes Drift gamer - delighted to report that its nearly completed.

I now have 11 days to finish off all the bits needed for my Zulu Wars extravaganza on Sunday 22nd January.

When I left you last I shared the beginnings of the base for the Mission - these have now been finished...

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Once the polystyrene was fixed to the wooden mdf boards they were given a thin coating of filler.

On top of this I gave the whole board a coat of brown chocolate emulsion paint. This not only seals the boards before sanding it also helps to prevent the filler from cracking.

A Chocolate based Drift....

The cat seems to be amused

Once this was dry the surface was coated in pva and covered in sand and fine ballast. Again once dry a second top coat of brown emulsion followed by a drybrush of sand coloured paint.

The ledge wall running alongside the northside of the drift was touched up with black paint then drybrushed with two coats of grey. Only then when it was all finished fid I apply the static grass mix across the boards.

So finally we are getting there - aside from the Kraal on the left hand side of the picture its almost finished

A view of the Northern Ramparts

Looking from the East...

Looking from the Northwest with the Hospital in the foreground

Looking from the south...in theory I should add a cookhouse and a toilet here...will I have time?

Another view from the North

A clear shot of the Northern Ramparts with ledge wall. Once the table is set up there will be another wall running perpendicular to the ledge as per most of the pictures. Further North will be the Drifts garden with wooden fences and trees. These will come from the rest of the terrain I have stuffed in the shed.

I also couldn't resist painting up the rest of the personalities I bought for this project. Given my painting skills are very poor I just thought I'd share Surgeon Reynolds - I think he is having a tough day !

So with 12 days to go to the battles of Isandlwhana & Rorkes Drift my attention is turning to the rules of the two games. These will be based on Black Powder with tweaks but I'll be sharing them in time.

Finally whilst looking for inspiration on these projects I came across these two 'interviews' on you tube....well worth a listen

Interview with David Rattray

Transcript of interview with CSM Bourne

Until next time