Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Jason and the Argonauts part 4

Good Evening (or morning, or afternoon)

Its been a week since my last post and unfortunately I think my posts might become less frequent in the next few weeks. Too much to do on the Work front...;-(

However by means of relaxation I am continuing to plough on with my Jason and the Argonauts project. In this post you get a double whammy, both a finished piece of terrain and some figures painted.

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When I left you last I was in the process of mounting the aquarium temple on an mdf board and starting the groundwork. This is all now complete. I did debate about repainting the temple itself but it would have been such a fiddly job I left it as is.

The board itself has been painted to blend in with the rest of my desert boards

Entrance View

Onto the figures - well in the film the temple is inhabited by Harpies - and so these were the first receive a coat of paint. They are from Reaper - the first time I have painted these bendy plastic figures. They were easy to paint and the details are good.

Whilst painting the Harpies I also decided to paint the two Mortar Gargoyles I purchased (although not strictly from the Heroic Greek Myths) I loved these figures and reckoned they would add some extra colour. Indeed they could always double up as 'alternative' harpies.

Finally I turned my attention to some of the Greek Warriors. I decided on two colour schemes for these - Red and Whites. In time all the figures will be painted in different colours to aid the players controlling the units. The rules I am working on allow each player to control one Hero and up to 6 henchmen.

The Greeks are a mix of Foundry Argonauts and Black Tree Greeks - they are virtually the same scale and quality of design.

More up as soon as I can....

part 5 can be found here


  1. Going along heroically Giles!

  2. Nice where did you get the temple from ?

    1. Bought from a petstore in the States - like everything over there much bigger than what I can find in the UK. Came back as hand luggage ;-)

    2. Good find.....I have a slightly smaller scale piece but not quite as grand😀

  3. The project us moving forward nicely :-)

  4. Great! I saw one of those Temples or something very similar and large at the local Garden centre (aquarium dept) and was very tempted but I resisted as am up to my eyes with Boxer Rebellion right now.