Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Shed Extension part 6

Hi Folks

Exciting news today. The erection of the shed has taken place !

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This has been a very busy weekend which started on Friday evening. It was imperative to get the floorboards down on friday so once my trusty wargaming chums came round we could get the walls and roof up.

So in between rain squalls (a sad feature of saturday as well) the tongue and groove deck went down,. It looked great and was very solid.

Saturday arrived - too many jobs to do...

1. Take daughter to Heathrow so she can go gallivanting round the Bahamas for two weeks
2. Do the weekend shopping anfd food for saturday night (Mrs Shed wont go into supermarkets)
3. Mow the lawn
4. Clear the rest of the garden (it is still suffering from the 60 vodka swilling adolescents at my sons 16th birthday party)
5 buy final shed supplies from B&Q

2pm - my band of happy helpers arrived - A big thank you to Charley, Rolf, John and Mark.Without there help I would not have been able to get this thing up.

The following photos are some of the build shots and construction details

By the end of Saturday the walls were up and the roof was part finished. At 6pm we knocked it on the head for the beers and bbq.....

Sunday morning - nursing a small hangover but the new shed calls

Priority was to strengthen the roof and get the felt down. This time I was working alone (Shedson was around to hold the ladder) and progress was slow. Around 3pm I not only smashed up my finger but almost fell off the roof. I decided I was too tired to carry on and cleared up.

Fingers crossed the weather will be kind to me over the next couple of evenings and i'll get the building weatherproofed.

The shed is bigger than imagined - a great deal taller than the old one and appears to be very strong.

Once its all weatherproofed up I'll cut through into the old building....

More later

Part 7 can be found here


  1. the bbq was most excellent :-)

  2. Impressive but it all does look like it was very technical. I was wondering about you as I was caught in horizontal sleet at the top of Old Winchester Hill on Saturday afternoon!

  3. cool! I've got some terrain near the coast and I'll build something like that someday

  4. Looks excellent...sorry I missed the BBQ but sunny Wales was calling!

  5. Shed extensions, terrain, painting: you don't hang about do you Mr Shed(s)? Looking forward to seeing it move along to completion.

  6. I hear the ''BBQ'' went on very late indeed :-)