Tuesday, 5 April 2016

An Autumn Raid in the Colonies

Last night the Shed gaming group met up to play a scenario I put together for Muskets and Tomahawks. As you will see from the events that unfolded it was a close run thing...

All the buildings have to be detroyed

Its a cold Autumn morning, with the mist rising from the river near the colony of Lance Creek. Emerging from the mist and gliding silently towards the river embankment are the war canoes of the Iroquois and their French Canadian paymasters. Intent on destroying the settlement that had encroached on their tribal lands.

Unbeknownst to these silent raiders, the British know they are coming and defensive preparations have been taken.

The Settlement

With four players (and myself umpiring) I divided up the forces the attacking team (Rolf & Mark) had at their disposal

2 Indian War Chiefs
8 Indian Warbands (each six men strong armed with muskets)
2 Canadian Officers
2 units of Canadian Coureurs (one unit 10 strong, the other 8 strong)

These forces were evenly distributed along the rivers edge on the left hand side of the board. Their mission to burn down all of the buildings (7 in total) and retreat from the field. The blockhouse was NOT included in the objective.

Facing these assailants were James and Stephen who controlled a motley assortment of troops

One Regular Line Officer
Two units of Regular Line Infantry (one eight man unit and one 10 man unit)
One Irregular Officer
Three Units of Rifle Armed Rangers (6 strong)
The three last remaining Mohicans (Irregular card activation, Indian Statistics, no morale)
Three Units of Militia (6 strong)

James and Stephen fortunately arrived 20 minutes before the others so were able to mark out secretly where there forces would be positioned on the table.

The game lasted just over 2 hours, we managed to play through five complete turns and it was a blast.

Apologies now for the lack of photos - the action was quite frantic...

The First two turns were dawn so visibility was reduced on the table.

Marks Indians pour onto the shores of the riverbank

The Indians and Canadians pushed up off the river bank and headed for the nearest buildings. Quite quickly a force of Rolfs Indians approached the middle cabin only to discover that it was filled with local militia intent on holding their land. Shots rang out at point blank range and a number of redskins hit the dirt, subsequently forcing one unit to flee the table.

Rolfs Canadians wise to this trick tried to spot into another cabin and quickly discovered a further unit of militia hiding in the shadows. Levelling their muskets they took aim and fired. Dropping one militia man at the window the rest rolled one on die for their morale and decided that enough was enough and scarpered the field of play.

By now Marks Indians were pushing up on the right flank through the woods. They quickly set ablaze the woodsmen's hut and  pushed on towards the right hand side of the settlement. By the end of the first turn two cabins were ablaze and third was being swarmed by Indians. It was time for the British to fight back.

Canadians pushing forward through the maize field

Stephen's green jacketed Rangers were now embroiled in a furious firefight on the left hand side of the table - taking on two warbands of Indians and the unit of Canadian Coureurs. Their rifles were telling with another warband dismembered by accurate fire.

At this point the larger of the two British Line units had entered the fray and was exchanging fire in the centre at long range with Rolfs Indians. Whether they hit or not the automatic morale check for coming under the 'Firing Line' was having a nervous affect on the brittle Redskins.

The action from the centre quite early in the game

By turn three the Indians on the right had scampered up to the furthest building on the right and had driven off the defending militia only to discover two further units of rangers hiding in the woods. Exchanges of fire whittling down both sides. Five buildings were now alight and despite rapidly dwindling forces the remnants of the raiding force soon overcame the penultimate militia occupied building with a close charge by the Canadians. Six buildings were now blazing away.

Indians approaching from the right..

Turn 5 - the last building was occupied by Rangers, had a British regular unit firmly placed outside and could count on the support of another ranger unit in the woods behind. Rolfs remaining Indians pushed forward towards the last cabin. This route took him past the blockhouse. A fusillade of fire erupted from the stout wooden walls as the other regular Line unit (patiently waiting) opened fire - an entire unit of Indians dropped in a hail of lead - stunning rolls from Stephen.

Indians attacking the militia

Could the Raiders get to the last building. The last remaining Coureur unit exited the building they previously cleared and charged the remnants of the first British Line. Alas the subsequent cards were all British and through some canny firing and wicked rolls by James the Canadians were forced to retire in a decimated state.

Last ditch defence by the British

Casualties on the French Raider side were high - 60% plus but they came ever so close to completing their objective.

Great game, great atmosphere...

Until next time


  1. What a splendid terrain!!

  2. Excellent, well done sir. Are those newer trees from 4Ground?

    1. No they are all sourced from China via ebay

  3. Nice looking game as ever Mr Shed!

  4. not forgetting the Indians on the left managed to get to the British firing line hacking and shooting reducing them to three figures , the poor old British Commander on the left was also despatched by sharpened choppers . Sadly the Indians left the field soon after to watch repeats of Rogers Rangers on TCM . #stillrecoveringfromthewalkingdeadfinale

  5. Thanks for a brilliant game. We should have left some tavern girls in the village to distract Rolf's Indians.

    1. My Indians are very single minded .............. more trying to think how to dislodge your regulars from the wooden block tower - rules for flaming arrows please !!! :-)

  6. Everytime i see the waterfall I realise how much I need one (or is that WANT one). I even have a waterfall kit someone bought me 2 Christmases ago)

  7. Fantastic looking game...

  8. Lovely to see such a good looking FIW game, and a very tense contest by the sounds of it. Your table and figures look great.