Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Salute 2016 - not long to go...

Evening All

Both TV's are being used by the kids, the Missus has disappeared off to the pub (yes that is correct) so I am stuck in front of the computer thinking about the blog and what can I write?

I could mention that we played 10mm Pike & Shotte last night in the shed and maintained my winning run (sadly no photos) - we are using 10mm as a proxy before the big 28mm unveil in May.

I could also talk about the impromptu game of Frostgrave in the shed on Saturday when we kicked off the Thaw of the Lichlord (again sorry no photos).... or I could wax lyrical about the concrete sellers in Surrey and Greater London...but I won't.

No this post is dedicated to the anticipation that builds around this time of the year for Salute. Salute is the worlds largest single day Wargames convention where some 7000 devotees of our great hobby descend on the docklands of London for their annual wargame fix.

For as long as I can remember I have attended this show - I remember fondly the trips to Olympia- and I can say hand on heart it does not disappoint. All credit to the organisers for bringing this to life.

In the last five years my group of gaming buddies and associates has grown significantly and as such Salute affords an opportunity to catch up say hello, meet some new people and see what the hobby has to offer. All of this has indirectly been made possible by this blog and you the reader. Each year I get slightly bolder and dare myself to wear my Shed Wars T shirt !

This year I'll be proudly wearing the new Shed What ! T Shirt bought by my son for just such occasions and if you don't bump into me wandering around the show you will be able to find me for some of the day working the Dorset Smugglers demonstration game sponsored by jimbibbly of Oshiro models fame (it his spectacular terrain and figures on show) or you might catch me at the annual bloggers meet at 1pm in the centre of the hall (have I got that right?). Please do say hello.

So what am I looking for this year - well with most available funds being pointed at the shed extension I have to be rather prudent. My coin jar was emptied last Saturday and deposited into one of those banking machines. Surprisingly it revealed over £180 in spare change (and countless Euro funny money), so that's the budget I have to work with.

I know I need some more movement trays for the burgeoning ECW army and I also need some ECW Dragoon horseholders (recommendations welcome), I am also tempted by the Sarissa Manor House and perhaps a few more monsters for Frostgrave. Other than that my shopping list is rather empty.

A final point...I will be at the show to take pictures and in the last two years I have managed to get home and have these loaded by 6pm the same evening. I doubt this year will be so swift but I can assure you that if you return here by Sunday next week a report on Salute will be up and running.

Until next time  


  1. One day I'd like to make Salute. Bit of a trip from California though. :)

    I do have a ninja shopper picking up an early copy of the new Saga campaign rules though.

    Look forward to your picture dump!

  2. I'll see you there! I don't have a Gobbo t shirt, although I wish I did! Maybe a zombies one..... See you at 1pm

  3. Empress make ECW Dragoon horseholders (28mm) http://wargameterrain.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/empress-miniatures-new-english-civil.html
    Warlord Games make some as well I believe.

  4. I'll be attending for the first time this year, flying down from 'beyond the wall'. Really looking forward to it. I too have decided to sport a custom T-shirt and hopefully remember to attend the bloggers meet if I'm not too distracted by everything else going on!

  5. Will try and say hello, although find the blogger meet a bit intimidating