Monday 12 January 2015

Some new additions for my Middle Eastern board

Finally managed to get going on the terrain building for 2015 ! With so many Saracens to paint I just needed a break. The goods news is that the 36 HAT cavalry are almost finished so that will be a third of the mounted force completed.

Back to the terrain. Although I have Palm trees I needed some more greenery as ground cover and just to spice up the table. I decided these would be based on washers...

Your standard 25mm washer

Then stick a piece of paper on the underside. This stops the glue from running out and gluing your new piece to the table.

Taking your hot glue gun (great purchase!) fix the base of the plant to the washer.

and then push the plant back onto the stand.

These spiky grasses (ok - aquarium plants make good cacti, rushes, high grasses.

I also acquired some small palm trees and what look like giant pineapples from ebay...

These wre then given the same base treatment that I have been using for all my desert boards and desert themed figures.

and here they are added to the village...

As you can see they certainly help to bring the whole thing to life...

This evening I am running a pirate game on the boards so of course I had to set up the whole table...

Suffice to say I wasn't happy with this layout so everything got changed...the new layout will appear in the next post..

until next time


  1. Very nice work mate, that's a fine table, whats the scale?

  2. I'd be interested in learning where you found those palm/pineapple bits, my own (inept) eBay searches have turned up nada! That table looks superb all laid out.

  3. Excellent looking table :)

  4. I think the pineapple-like tree us called a palmyra Palm. At least something that looks very like that is called that by Fontanini for its Nativity sets, though in a vastly bigger scale, for use with 5 inch high figures.

  5. Superb, the whole thing is looking wonderful.

  6. An eye-wateringly good table sir. Just splendid!