Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Egyptian Adventures - Temple build part 4

Only a short post this time. As Sunday was a warm day it was a perfect opportunity to paint up all the bits and bobs accumulated for this project. Earlier in the weekend I had been into B&Q and purchased some emulsion paint called Egyptian Sand. Although this was a little light it served as a great base once I added in some yellow and brown acrylic paint.

I am now happy with the base colour. phew !

The pyramid is a good 2metres from the table - that's why it looks so small

A few months back I made up a number of board for my snowscape. In the end I used a white felt cloth so I reused these boards for my desert board.

You can see them drying - each board is actually covered in sand. The drybrushing will bring the texture up a treat.

So of course I had to set it all up for a piccie ! At present I have 10 boards each 50cm x 50cm.
By the time I have built the mesa, cliff faces and wadi  Ill probably be able to span a good 3 x5 table...that the plan.

Incidentally I made up a load of my new colour paint just in case I could never get the colours to match.

I now need to ink and dry brush this lot - or maybe brush them in army painter. Ill do a test on one of the smaller pieces

Until next time


  1. The whole board looks good to me. I look forward to you taking this even further.

  2. Wow, this is looking awesome!!!

  3. This looks brilliant. I am re-watching The Mummy now!

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