Thursday 11 September 2014

Egyptian Adventures - Rocky escarpments

Hi Folks

Managed to start the next element of my Egyptian Adventures project...not only did the Pharoahs get buried in pyramids they also got buried in tombs. The entrances were often in the sides of a rocky escarpment. In addition the desert landscape is full of steep cliffs, wadis etc.

So this poses in interesting project. Like all y terrain I like it to be modular and fulfil a variety of purposes. If you have been following my blog you will be aware that all my base boards are 9mm Mdf squares (50cm x 50cm) with a few rectangles thrown in for good measure.

I decided that my cliffs would be mounted on the same said boards but would be interchangeable. This means that all the ends of the boards must match up.

To start with I thought I would build six standard boards giving me a run of 3 metres and four end pieces. I will need to build some curves. Fortunately I had some old pine boards that stand around 18cm tall - pefect for my needs.

I cut these out for the backs of the hills./cliffs and then used exactly the same side template for all the boards.

The first base

Yopu can now see in the photo below how they all fit together

The first run capped with two ends

By putting the ends together I can create a steep hill...

This all looks a bit boring so I better show you the next step...

filling in
As you can see from above the next step is to fill each of the boxes with cork bark for cliff faces and polystyrene for the infill. This is all glued in place using super strength interior adhesive.

A vcouple of these boxes will have tomb/cave/tunnel entrances

Once I have acquire some more polystyrene I'll be finishing off the boxes. The remaining gaps will then be filled with expanding foam, followed by a top coat of filler.

Who knows maybe Ill get some more done this weekend...

until next time

Part two can be found here


  1. This is genius! I like how modular it is - I'll be stealing your idea...

  2. This is looking ripe with potential. Awesome.

  3. I'm going to Chessington garden centre!

  4. Very clever indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing this complete.

  5. All these great scenery pieces! I would like to see how you store them all, especially the terrain squares, without getting damaged and yet easy to find when needed.

  6. I have my copy of Pulp Alley at the ready :-)