Wednesday 18 June 2014

Gates & Stiles

Whilst browsing the other day I vcame across some bits and bobs on the warbases site that I thought would be pe3rfect for my terrain needs - some five bar gates and English stiles.

At a very reasonable price as well !

Without hesitation an order was placed along with their 28mm Pub - this will feature in a future post

Here's a link to their gates

And a link to their stiles

So onto the Gates - well these needed basing. I cut out some simple hardboard bases c2cm x 7cm and after sanding these down I drilled two holes through each end. the width of the gates.

Through these hole I push bamboo skewers and glued them into place. These were trimmed to the right height.

The rest of the basing was very simple - sand and ballast base fixed with PVA. A black coat of acrylic followed by successive dry-brushing of browns. Static grass and tufts were added to complete the affect.

The gates were then superglued onto the posts

As you can see from the following pictures the gates work well with all the types of terrain - hedges, walls and fences

A couple of Tommies come to inspect - 28mm in case you were wondering

The styles although small are very neat pieces of kit for just a £

Very English as well

Here you can see it has been given the same treatment as the gates. The figure taking his dog for a walk is the freebie from Salute. I decided to paint him up as my officer for my Naval Unit.

Here's the treatment with stone walls

and with timber fences..

Thanks warbases for some simple but effective bits of terrain...

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