Monday, 16 June 2014

28mm Church Part 4

This follows on from my third post last month - if you want to pick things up from the beginning head here

Part 1

When I left you last the Church was almost finished. But not quite...I still needed to add the Lich Gate and finish off some drybrushing. It all done now bar a small path from lich gate to the church and a few gravestones for the church yard.

In the following pictures you will also see the cemetery from Ainsty - a full review of this can be found here

So here we go...

The lich gate seen above and below came from Petite properties the same folks who produced the church - nice little kit - I gave it the same wall treatment as the church. The actual gates have been left off at the moment.

You can find it here -

The Ainsty Graveyard is on the right hand side of the picture

I particularly like the last shot...

Up next are a few more dolls house building - the train station, the post office and the local shop...

All coming very soon


  1. That is absolutely outstanding, a really beautiful piece!

  2. Looks great, certainly does not look like the usual run of the mill boring mdf edifices.

  3. The finished model in that setting looks superb.

  4. A splendid looking piece, you have made an excellent job of making it very not MDF looking.

  5. Super church - looking forward to seeing how the other dolls house building come oout

  6. Great piece of scenery. Lots of delight for the eyes, and makes me itchy to start rolling the dice and moving through this setting.

  7. St Eric's is looking very fine now!