Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My purchases from Colours

Other than catching up with a few folks and having a good look around at Colours I promised myself that I was not going to buy any more lead - with over 200 assorted peasantas, knights and other medieval folk on the painting table starting a new project was notgoing to happen.

I did however have a wish list for a couple of terrain bits and the following were all secured on the day. 

My focus was very much on the paraphenalia needed for the Tales of Shedwood games so many of these items have a medieval feel.

Every village needs signposts - sourced from Midlam Miniatures

A gibbet, well and hang mans post from Dreamholme Scenics

Archery Butts - £1 from Warbases !

Wagons from Magnetic Displays/Coritani

Celtic Cross, Wheatsheaves and Bridge from Coritani (?)

Statues from Antenociti's Workshop

Some good bits and bobs and all will make an appearance on the table at some point in time.

If you never saw the photos from this years colours click on this link to take you to the right post...

Colours Photos


  1. Some nice resin bits and pieces.

  2. Nice stuff, I'd like to see it again after you finish painting.