Sunday, 22 September 2013

Matakashi's Tea Party

A few weeks back Mr Matakashi himself asked if I would be willing to host a game at his forthcoming tea party on Saturday 21st in Woking. Having known Paul for more years than I care to remember I gladly accepted.

Saturday morning arrived. My son and I packed up the car and headed off on the 30 minute drive. The journey was uneventful upto the last two minutes when we discovered that the school location where the party was being hosted was beset with traffic problems...the diversion signs had been cunningly moved to ensure we returned to our starting point. Despiote this set back we arrived to find a rather forlorn Matakashi...

...his car had broken down...well things did get better from here on and in the end we had a great time - lots of banter, dice rolling and of course chocolate cake..

I for my sins ran three games of M&T - photos follow plus a few of the other games.

A video (with special effects) will be on Shed Wars TV very soon

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The Matakashi Gold Cat

And of course there was Matakashi's Conan Game...

And in the the afternoon the Galadiators arrived...are you ready...

Mamalute, Jim Bibbly and Dr Death play with their Ludii


  1. Looks like a blast! Once the weather gets better we will be doing some gaming on the Cabana at my place!

  2. Great looking games! I'm still enamored with those cornfields!! (Excellent modeling on them.)

  3. Great stuff! How are the cornfields made?

    1. Hi Chad, assuming you mean the brown cornfields these are coir door mats cut to size, if you are talking about the green field with plants this was scratchbuilt using aquarium plants.

      Both items are discussed in the on the terrain tab and scroll through

  4. Great looking games, that photo of the Indians and canoe by the bridge is simply superb!

    1. Hi James - the photo is brilliant if I say so myself and a complete accident !

      cheers and thanks for following