Monday, 8 April 2013

Dread's Haven, a den of thieves, smugglers & cut-throats

As was mentioned in a previous post I managed to secure a number of Conflix buildings at a recent show. I felt these would be great for a Pirate town on the shores of Cornwall (similar to Moonfleet ?)
So tonight the town begins to take shape.
Over the next few evenings I’ll begin to populate the shorefront with livestock, townsfolk, militia, trades goods and of course Pirates.
For now imagine all is calm...


  1. A great set up! The best part of all the time and effort of building and amassing terrain is sending in the mini minions to run amuck over it!

  2. That looks awesome Eric --- man, if I ever make it over to England for work I'll be tracking you down!!

  3. Your work on this project is exemplary, Sir. Very nice.

  4. You are tempting me to start making my own........ Really nice I can see it being used for more than just Pirates.... Horror, fantasy, pulp, medieval-19th century. It's very versatile.

  5. Super setup, useful for many a period

    -- Allan