Tuesday 22 January 2013

The Chapel of Santa Maria in Corbetiza

So with all the current buildings prepped for painting I thought I would start on the largest, the church, and see how things would go.

First up I had to create the roof. I recently purchased some tile embossed plasticard but given this was particularly thin it would need to be mounted on its own foam card base. By using foamcore I could insert several skewers to create the wooden supports as seen in all the other buildings.

The church itself has been painted white with a tint of the titanium buff acrylic. Fortunately one coat appears to have been sufficient. A wash of watery brown paint completed the main walls.

The roof was painted dark brown and then progressively drybrushed in browns and dark reds to create the teracotta affect. In an ideal world I would have liked to have sourced some heavier embossed plastic but needs must and all that.

The door was made from balsa and was scoured with a pencil to create the wood planking. Again a black coat followed by dry brushing created the simple affect.

With some flock added to create atmosphere its nearly there.

All this was completed in one evenings sitting.

The following pictures illustrate the three stages of construction



  1. Very nice I really like the creeping Ivy as well. Basil certainly seems impressed.

  2. Very inspired, I really like it...I'm not the first one!