Monday, 14 January 2013

Pirate Town - Weekend Progress

Hi Folks

A bit of a quick update on progress made over the weekend.

Not as much as I hoped as family commitments got in the way. Plus the temperature in the shed plummeted to 3 degrees – not a great place to be for a few hours. Looks like I will need to invest in a heater.

When I left you last time I had completed the basic construction of the town. In this post I will introduce the 'kerplunk' method for adding the roof beams (which actually end up supporting the roofs.  I think the pictures tell the story...

Next  up are a few photos of the town. The two most notable additions are the Church and the Cantina. Unless I think otherwise I think that this will be the extent of the town. I have also cut out a number of open areas for roads, squares and general space. All of the buildings (bar the church) and these open spaces have now been treated with ground ballast & sand.

The church will also have a conversion mode into an Islamic temple - the front and roof will differ. The minarets can be seen in the picture below.

Next up for the village will be the addition of all the doors and windows. Should be able to get these done this week and then I can ‘plaster’ the adobe buildings. I have been recommended to use watered down polyfilla so a suitable large tub was procured on saturday.

With the weather freezing my proverbials I headed for the kitchen and painted up 20 cannon. The photo shows half the armament painted - two types some big and some small. Hopefully enough for my needs.

Another 6 foundry pirates also left the painting line(leaves me with 10 to go from the original 100)

And finally I started the prep work on my Pirate Ship. Guns, steps and railings all glued in place. The last photo shows some of the new cannon on board.

With a busy work schedule planned for the remainder of the week not too sure how much will get done in the next few days.



  1. Your town and accouterments are coming along very nicely.

  2. Awesome Eric --- that is a large town ... go big or stay home!

  3. Superb its shaping up very nicely.

  4. Really looking forward to playing this :)

  5. Thanks for sharing thi wonderful work! Love this town...