Monday 8 October 2012

A Simple Crop Field

With settlements to defend I realised that I really ought to look after my Settlers and give them some fields to tend.  I thought a good tall maize field would be a good start and I reckoned the approach I had taken for  my jungle terrain could be adapted.

The insipration for the field came from these aquatic plants when pulled off their bases.

First up I cut the hardboard, drilled several holes and glued in cocktail sticks. Ballast was added as a base material. All glued with PVA.

The base was then painted deep brown and drybrished between the plant stems. The stems themselves were painted goblin green.

Dont forget to paint the reverse side to avoid warping !

Each plant was created from two aquatic plants - just pushed ontop the sharp end of the stick. The leavbes were trimmed before hand.

Static grass added around the edges to help tie into the rest of the terrain.

And here we have a farmer busy at work..

 Only to have his day ruined by inconsiderate Canadians tramping through the field.

Thanks for looking



  1. That's really nice! If I find that same style of plant I'll steal your idea.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Your method is very good. I will have a look at those aquaristic plants and hope to find them.


  3. Boy...I can use this idea for some scenery I am putting together. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Simple but very effective. Thanks for sharing. Just bough the Muskets and Tommahawks rule sets and have some front rank figures to paint up shortly.

    So enjoy reading your write-ups. Thanks.