Thursday 26 July 2012

Jungle Wargames Terrain - Shed Style

The obsession with the jungle started about four years ago. When on holiday in Mauritius I discovered some seed pods under a particular tree in the garden. Thinking these would be ideal as trunks for tree ferns I collected a bag full and smuggled them out of the country. A quick dab of glue and a suitable 'fern' soon cpmpleted the tree.

Si I needed more than just tre ferns in my jungle. Fotrtunatyely a slot in time presented itself - 4 weeks of 'gartdening leave'  gave mne the opportunity to start the jungle proper. The following slides illustrate the basic principle behind my jungle construction. The starting point were these aquatic 'grass balls'.

Each ball is actually made up wiith several sprues of leaves - the reverse side illustrates this better,

By gently pulling the leaf sections off the ball I was left with ....

This dome ended up on a mates rebuild of the Reichstag Stag for a WW2 game - recycling is good !

Over the next few months I bought several aquarium plants...every single one of these has a common denominator they all have holes at the base to hold them onto the sprues....could I use these? 

 Thinking quickly I realised a simple base mounted with match sticks would be all that is required. Five minutes later one base, painted and flocked (at same time) had six holes and matchsticks glued in.

Gently the leaf sections were pushed onto the sticks. No glue was required.

Using different plant typews a jungle bush is born...

Within a few days a sizeable number of plants were created. The next few slides are a montage of the various games that can, will and havebeen played in this interesting terrain.

First up the big board - 3m x 1.5m of jungle adventure

A couple of ground shots

On river banks of the Umbogu we find the village of the local natives...

The local chief summons his warband....

Meanwhile deeper in the Indian Jungle we come across the lost temple... (aquarioum scenics repainted)

Indiana and his mates are investigating...

We skip to the humid jungles of South America where a ruined city awaits discovery...

Eager to prevent loorting the Queens Own Bordering Plumbers are set to defend the site in the interest of the Empire

Meanwhilst in the lost world two intrepid huntewrs are after some big game in the swamps

The mangrove swamps are trechorous and plastic

They are also home to some big beasts.....

Heading back to Central America we find the jungle is perfect for a bit of 'Weed Growing'

Patrols regularly protect the valuable crop...but...whats this something has escaped from Jurassic Park

No jungle would be complete without these ultimate hunters...

I think he gets the gold medal....

Welcome to the Jungle....shed style


  1. Looks fantastic, thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. A great setup! Scenery is pretty slick. And the setting is a pleasure to view.

  3. They look great mate. It all looks really realistic

  4. Impressive! Shows what can be done with a little creative thinking.

  5. Love the layout. At first I didn't realize it was 15mm!

  6. Hi Folks

    Thanks for all the positive comments - CP Belt - it is all 28mm

    Best wishes


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  8. Great scenery! Where did you get the huts?