Monday, 16 July 2012

Street Life is tough...

Sunday night saw the chance to play test a new set of home brew skirmish rules in the ruined city.

Titled War in Wastes they are loosely based on the Crossfire Rules with the main exception being that each units initiative is activated by card. These cards are shuffled each time the pack runs out. Extra spice is added with the inclusion of event cards (hidden snipers, random HE bursts etc).

This was a styraight forward engagement between two forces of equivalent size. The figures are all from the excellent Pig Iron range.

The following photos give a flavour for waht was a fast and furious firefight with neither side really getting the upper hand until the off tabl;e artillery found its mark.

Below you can see the left flank from the Rebel perspective - the counters signify no fires (white) and suppressions(red).. The rebels are holed up in a building facing incoming fire from a squad of marines.

On the right flank a Rebel Tank cruises up the side street towards the main thouroughfare. Infantry support can be seen to the right. Although powerful tanks in the rules are vulnerable to infantry assualt.

Below we have a raised road running across the table. This was siezed early on by a Marine Walker - it didnt last very long !

Runnng the length of the table was a wide road - efectively acting as a no mans land. You can see the road bridge with ruined bus in the back ground. A rebel waker has hit the dust from a Marine missile.

An atmospheric shot under the bridge.

Heavy marines advancing on their right flank suppoeted by an armoured robot. A ruined taxi adds a nbuit of local flavour. Most of the buildings are scratchbuilt but in this photo you can see one of the excellent Amera plastic ruins. 

The Heavies didnt last long - they were soon wiped out by the staunch rebel defenders. Unfortunately the building they ran to caught fire criping what was left of the unit. Next time boys.

The Marines fared better with their snipers - three to be precise - two additional snipers appeared on the table and caused no end of mischief.

And through the square window - rebel defenders waiting for those heavy marines

A rebel light tank lies smoking - the armoured robots cannons wiping this unit out in two successive shots.

Meanwhile the rebel heavy Tank started to play its game.

Edging out into the road it started to seek out targets.

A Marine support weapom opened fire - missed and subsequently fell victim to the armoured beast.

A rebel walker engulfed in fire down the alley by the bridge.

The tank then traversed its turret and took out the Walker on the bridge - for some reason this Walker became known as Barry.

Reverse shot of 'Barry' taking incoming fire.

Meanwhilst the Rebels gained two squads of infantry - the first entering on the bridge.

The second arriving on the right. These irregular troops quickly came under fire and did not last long

Rebel infantry defending a building and coming under heavy fire..

Finally the observers got into a advantageous postion. Heavy accurate artillery was called in.

Boom, Boom, Boom...a marine stronghold takes a direct hit. Killing all those in the building. The smoke is illuminated with a small torch.

With heavy artillery raining down and both sides now fighting a war of attrition we called a halt for the might. Beers and Pizza await for no man.


  1. That looks brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I especially love the photo of the taxi hanging over the edge of the ruined roadway!

  3. great piccies would you let us share a couple on our facebook page? really great examples of our products being used/ Jane from Amera Plastic Mouldings

  4. Hi Jane

    No problems about using pictures. Do you want me to set up some special shots for you?

    Eric the Shed

    If in terested let m,e know and I will drop you a line

  5. Eric, that would be great, yes please! Can email me direct through my google account if that works or you could contact which is our websites email?