Monday, 2 September 2019

Ancient British Army Complete

Hi Folks

Its been over a month since I have last posted and I think it is safe to say that this blog has very much taken a back seat in my life at the moment. However, it is not going to disappear and I have so many plans and things I want to tell you all about, it’s just real life getting in the way of things.

I should add that there have been plenty of games going on in the last few months (mainly board games) but we have been pushing the plastic around the big table on a few occasions. Its just difficult to put the time together to put out a meaningful report.

Saying that I have been cracking on with my Ancient British Project, started back at Easter I mentioned I was going to build an Ancient British Army to defend the shores of Britannia from the might of imperial Rome. Well guess what….I have finished the army !! - The first post on this project was here. Unlike previous builds there are no other posts...sorry

Yup that is correct the last five months has seen a steady slog at the paint table and I can now field a sizeable army with Boudica in charge.

With the Hail Caesar rules in mind my total force consists of 18 warbands (infantry), 5 cavalry units, 8 skirmish units (archers & slingers) and four chariot units. There is of course a good number of commanders and generals. The total force consists of about 750 figures.

Total Force Packed Away

These have all been principally sourced from Victrix and Warlord Games. All the units (bar command / chariot stands) are based on 50x50mm bases from warbases. The frontage of all units is going to be 25cm (with a warband comprising of 10 stands). The Chariots are based on 8cm x 10cm bases with three chariots to a unit (frontage 24cm).

The good news is that this project was not done in isolation, my good friend Mark has also been building a Celtic army and he too is almost finished. By the time he is completed we will be able to field almost 1400 figures on the table. His force is much more cavalry/chariot heavy so it will be fun to see how these two tribes match up whilst the Roman Army begins its preparations.

As soon as Mark is finished we will be starting the wars of the British Tribes –

Roman Army Assembles

More soon (hopefully)


  1. Wow, gorgeous work and sure to give the Romans pause.

  2. Damn, you've been busy! Another great looking, huge army for your collection :)

  3. Wow, you kept that quiet. Impressive work there.

  4. Awesome!! Very impressive...

  5. Looking great, just wish I could get my own Ancient Britons finished!

  6. A mighty host to repel those beastly Romans!

  7. Yikes! They should make the Romans quake in their calligae.

  8. A lot of work has gone into that project. Well done

  9. Boudicca would be proud! Great work, looks very impressive on the table.