Friday, 8 December 2017

Sudan Project part 9 - First British Forces

Good Morning Folks

Part 8 can be found here

Now that the Mahdist Army is complete I have turned my attention to the British forces.

The current aim is to create a force that will consist of five battalions of infantry (including one highland regiment), one naval brigade, a cavalry regiment and an assortment of artillery and machine guns.

Fortunately most of the lead and plastic for this force has been acquired either direct from Perry Miniatures or via some deals found on ebay.

The first unit painted is from the Perry plastic box set - a unit of British infantry 24 strong. These have been given Khaki uniforms so could also be used in a North West frontier setting.

The figures themselves are very straightforward to assemble and relatively easy to paint. Once again these are based on 25mm washers and then moved on trays from warbases. The tufts were secured on ebay from Warpainter.

Apologies for lighting on the picture but they have come out a little dark

More to come soon

part 10 here


  1. They look superb, very nice job sir!

  2. Superior work! Don't forget that Indian troops did fight against the Fuzzy Wuzzies during this campaign and might make a nice add on for your NW frontier games.

  3. Lovely stuff! Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Lovely colonial Brits, nice idea to be able to use them for NW frontier campaigns too.
    Best Iain

  5. Very nice work indeed. The Sudan is a wonderful period to game and your Imperial forces look rather splendid.