Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Star Trek Fans read this...

The other day I was browsing You tube and by chance came across a fan made series of Star Trek called Star Trek Continues. These were made available on Youtube only a few monthsago

This series comprises of 11 episodes and kicks off from the end of the original series through to the launch of the first Star Trek Movie. If you can get past the fact that our beloved heroes of Kirk, McCoy, Spock etc are played by other actors then you are in for a real treat. Scotty's son even reprises his old mans role.

Link Here to First episode

The stories, sets, music and special effects are just like the originals - to be honest I felt like I had gone back in time and was that little 10 year old boy all over again and watching these for the first time. 

Now I appreciate that not all wargamers are Star Trek fans but for me the adventures of the the Enterprises five year mission almost certainly set me on the journey towards role playing and then into miniature wargaming.

Now once you have watched these consider the following video on You Tube. Its called Prelude to Axanar and features none other than Richard Hatch, star of Battlestar Galactica. Thiswas launched two years ago but it is fantastic

Link here

I understand that this was also a fan made product raising money through crowdfunding. I have to say the video is one of the best renders of the Star Trek universe I have come across - indeed it is so much better than the stuff that they are currently producing in Star Trek Discovery.

Sadly the folks at Paramount and CBS who own the copyright to Star Trek have got all flustered about these fan productions and took the Axanar production to court. The net result is that fan films can continue to be made BUT they cannot last more than fifteen minutes, can consist of no more than 2 episodes and must be non for profit. This is areal shame as these films in my mind can bring in new fans and support the long term viability of the franchise.

Hope you enjoy

Live Long and Prosper


  1. The shame for me is that CBS has forgotten the essential point of the entire series: A bright future where human beings have actually figured things out. The move towards gritty realism and dark characters demonstrates a desire to use Star Trek's skin to sell non-trek stories. "Grumpy rant over.

    Thanks for the links, I had seen Axanar, but not Continues.

  2. My wife and I both enjoy these. They're made with love for the genre and the spirit of the original. They had a fund raiser that more than paid for the expansion of the set to include the engineering deck.

  3. I watched these about four weeks ago after researching why the original star trek cane to an end ( the last ever episode is quite poor ) ... the original series has been shown again on the horror channel at 10am every morning . I am just staggered by the difference between the originals and the various follow ups ... the originals are far superior in every way , the only consolation being the introduction of the borg who at time are thoroughly enjoyable . I expect Legatus has even got a borg queen safely stacked away in his mansion .

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