Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sudan Project part 7 - Mahdi Army finished

Good Evening Folks

As the calendar steadily marches towards Christmas I am delighted to that a sizeable part 1 of my Sudan project is now complete - The Mahdist forces - including camelry , horse and command

The previous post to this project can be found

The Horse below are a mix of Gripping Beast light Arabs and Perry Horse from their Sudan range

I am quite please how they have come out - there are currently 35 painted (just need one more to make three full units)

These two (below) are gripping beast with dervish heads and weapons added

As of today I have 12 Camel riders (all Perry) - if funds permit or I can strike it lucky on ebay I'll be adding to this force

The Camel train was sourced from Redoubt at Colours earlier this month

All the command stands are Perry figures mounted on 60mm discs

The Mahdi of course gets a bigger base

So there we have it the Mahdi's force can march forward into the Sudan

Up next - the British Colonial forces assemble

part 8 can be found here


  1. Your speed of painting leaves me awestruck, as usual!

  2. awesome , you've captured the real menace of the mad mahdi's forces ...

  3. Great and of course very rapid army! I think your cavalry conversions have worked out particularly well.
    Best Iain

  4. Splendid stuff...
    And fast...
    I think I would still be sticking mine together...

    All the best. Aly

  5. Beautiful: Most impressive was the concept that a Native army was ever 'finished.' Then I saw that you wanted more camels, and was reassured that the army wasn't done with you.