Monday, 3 April 2017

Pike & Shotte - Big Battle

A couple of weeks ago the Shed hosted its biggest game of the year so far this year - a big Pike & Shotte game with three players aside on an extended table nearly 20feet long.

I'd love to say that I had a great game. But I didn't !

The extra large table
My tactics, dice rolling and quite frankly my troops all performed horrendously. From the outset (I was facing Mark) I was in a real pickle and it just went from bad to worse. The Royalists gave the Parliamentarians a right good spanking.

No big aar today (history is only written by the victors) but just a few photos of the game

The Royalists on the right are having a good time !

More soon....


  1. A great view. What I would not give for access to a shed and table that size. Nice photos.

  2. Sorry you lost, but what a great set-up!

  3. It all looks so splendid.

  4. Who makes the buildings in the village in the center of the table please? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ken

      The buildings are from the Conflix range - I believe they are sadly no longer in production. You can still find them on ebay but be prepared to pay £20+/building

      They look great.

  5. Good game or bad game we all learn something, even if it is about ourselves. Whatever it is a great looking set up with lovely figures.😀