Sunday, 2 April 2017

28mm Napoleonic Skirmish part 2

Hi Folks

I have been a very busy boy at the painting table over the last few weeks and can now reveal some of the work in progress on my Napoleonic troops - its going to take sometime to get sufficient forces ready for our first game of Chosen Men...

Part 1 of this project can be found here..

Please note none of the figures shown have their bases finished and are in movement trays to aid carrying them around

Up first we have a box of Warlord Games 28mm British Peninsular Infantry - these include command

Each box contains 42 figures - If I ever get round to painting enough for Black Powder (my ultimate goal battalions will be 24 figures string) so two boxes would deliver 3 battalions !

Rolling off the table after these red coats are the green jackets - essential for any skirmish. Again these are Warlord Figures - metal not plastic and they are great !

As part of my army order from Warlord I received some Perry prooduced British Light Dragoons - these had to be put together with the Tarleton helmets ! I ran out of matt varnish at this point so they are all a bit shiny from the dip (painted on)

Finally I got round to painting a couple of British mounted officers - again there is no matt varnish on these.

These have all been a real pleasure to paint...

Sitting on the table at the moment are 40 odd French Infantry, another 40 British Line Infantry (I could not resist), a British Horse Battery and some French Dragoons (Mounted and on foot) - . I hope to be able to show you these soon.

Only once I have painted this little lot will I attend to their own movement trays and bases.

Until next time

part 3 can be found here


  1. Good work, I like the back drop too.
    Best wishes,

  2. Very impressive - always inspiring to me to see Naps in this scale done well and in large numbers. The redcoat foot look especially good..

  3. Great looking minis and presentation!

  4. wow bloody hell ....and you have all those 10mm naps as well.. .