Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Colonial Wars - The Cavalry arrives

Hi Folks

Quite a big post this time round as I have virtually finished all the core units for my Anglo Zulu Wars. There are still a few bits I need to finish off but effectively the both forces are now complete and the games can begin.

First up we have the Natal Mounted Police sourced from Empress - 8 riders and 8 infantrymen.

All the figures are individually based and sit in trays from warbases...

Next up we have the Native Horse (again from Empress) - these guys were also known as the Sikhali Horse as per the film Zulu Dawn. Again 8 Horsemen and 8 infantrymen

Finally the Brits get bolstered with some regular cavalry - the Lancers. These have been sourced from AW Miniatures.

Great figures (albeit larger than the Empress - but great value at £30 for 12 )

and there is more...if the Zulus don't have enough to contend with...the artillery

The Guns (9 pounders purchased from Black Tree Designs - limbers for these are on the painting table

and of course you have to have gatling guns (Empress) and Rockets (Black Tree)

Finally I picked up the Heliograph team from Black Tree and it makes a nice little unit.

So that just about delivers all the core units I need for my Zulu games...

So I now have 420 Zulus to pit against..................

112 British Line
12 Lancers
8 Natal Mounted Police
8 Native Horse
12 Mounted Frontier Light Horse (Boers)
34 Boers on Foot
20 Natal Native Contingent
2 Artillery Pieces
1 Gatling Gun
1 Rocket Team

I reckon that that is just shy of 650 figures so far painted in three more big projects this year

Whilst on the subject of games I recently acquired two more rulesets for this period...

The first is the Sword and the Flame. These have a big folowing amongst colonioal gamers so loking forward to playtesting these in the coming weeks.

In addition I purchased a copy of the MEN WHO WOULD BE KINGS from Osprey. Again these will feature no doubt in the winter months

We'll be kicking off our first Zulu Game soon using a shed favourite Black Powder. Come back soon to see the battle....


  1. Lovely looking figures and nicely photographed. The Heliograph team will be widely liked.

  2. A tip about sword and flame, don't form british squares if you wanna have native friends ;)

  3. Beautiful and atmospheric minis, wonderful job!

  4. Nice stuff all round. I like the heliograph vignette.

  5. Impressive project as always, waiting to see them on the battlefield😀

  6. Each to their own of course Eric, but to my mind the Empress lancers are far superior to the AW ones. Looking forward to reading your first illustrated battle report soon!

  7. Love the empire building ! another vote for the AW figs . I also have the TSATF rules , played a WW1 game with them years back , one of the best games I ever played . I also have the pike and shot TSATF if u wanna borrow it .

  8. You'll be in for some exciting games...and great looking troops, too.