Friday, 9 September 2016

Colonial Wars - British Army part 3

The British Infantry all painted

Following on from my last post on this subject I am delighted to report that 106 British Soldiers can join the painted ranks of my Anglo Zulu War project.

part 2 can be found here

As mentioned before there are a combination of Warlord Games plastics and Blacktree design.

Warlord to front - slightly shorter and smoother pith helmet design

Painting these was both fun and painful. The volume of white webbing had me cursing on more than one occasion.

All ranked up with two mounted officers

Each unit has either been based on an eight or a six tray. Hopefully this will give me the degree of flexibility that the various rulesets are calling for.

Present Arms

The obserrvant amongst you will notice no red stripes on the trousers...just could not get it right !)

These all fit into two of the plastic A4 folders. If you recall there were seven ttays of Zulus.

A4 Folders - circa £2.50 each off ebay

Up next on the painting table will be the British Artillery (Cannons, Gatling Guns and Rocket Troops) followed swiftly by a dozen mounted Boers and 30 foot. All procured from Blacktree in one of their great sales.

I was hoping to attend Colours this weekend to purchase the final components of this project but a damaged foot prevents me from doing so. I'll just have to go online.

More soon

PS if you interested in this period and want to see who produces figures for this period I have put together a list of suppliers


  1. They all look jolly nice. I hope your foot feels better soon.

  2. Great work.......I have been trying to order some boers from Blacktree but they don't seem to respond is it just me I wonder ?

    1. I ordered a load of Boers two weeks ago...they just arrived yesterday

    2. I ordered a load of Boers two weeks ago...they just arrived yesterday

    3. Blacktree are so unreliable I won't use them any more.

    4. Actually I would disagree - they might take an age to deliver but you cant argue about the price and quality

  3. Oh you've just missed their end of summer rebate.

  4. Sorry about your foot. Hope it is nothing serious!

  5. They look great, red stripe, who needs it!
    Best Iain