Tuesday 20 May 2014

28mm Church - part 1

Hi Folks

I am very excited about this post. A few months ago whilst planning out my game for this years forthcoming BLAM I decided I needed a church - up to now all the churches in 28mm scale were just too small and unfortunately the laser cut wares at Salute just weren't right.

I really did think this was going to be scratch build job until I found this site


This was a revelation. I should say thanks to the guys on the Very British Civil War site for alerting me to the site and since then I have put out a couple of notes on the various forums.

The site is full of wonderful 1/48 English style buildings -perfect for those English style games. Ill be definitely buying the Post Office, Village Store and Station Master House. There is even one building that will work as a pub.

These are tiny dolls houses but they are great for 28mm figures..

Onto the church

Please note that this review is based on what comes in the box and a simple lean to build - no glue yet. But it still looks great.

First up scale. Does this work with a 28mm figure...

Well as you can see in the picture below a 28mm figure works next to the door frame..

This church is huge  almost 60cm in length, I haven't tried putting the roof on but  it is there. 

The inside of the church has pillars and arches. The company even sells altars pews and an organ !

There are full instructions with each piece individually marked. Construction looks very simple.

You even get to build the inside of the bell tower. Ill probably create a flat tower for mine so figures can take advantage of the height.

Individually cut roof trusses !

and all the window frames are laser cut

To the right you can see the stain glass images on acetate.

The church cost £49.99

Come back soon for part 2 the build.

part 2 can be found here



  1. That's an impressive kit. Now I have to go and look at their site . . . ;O)

  2. Wow, looks excellent. I only found this company the other day, so far bought a 'potting shed' as I wasn't sure how they would scale but seeing this has convinced me to part with more cash!

  3. That is certainly a large piece of kit. Looking forward to seeing it 'concecrated' and in use.

  4. That is truly awe inspiring and looks so good without any work. I have the Lych Gate and the potting shed and I have to say they look good with 28mm

  5. That company...will do things to my finances. I will also have to annex the neighbours' apartment for storage space. It will be worth it.

  6. I think they will be expanding their ranges for wargamers if this feedback gets to them!

  7. Lovely church, I am tempted to try this kind of building...

  8. Very nice, I've just ordered some of their smaller bits and pieces, will be interested to see how you get on with the detailing of the plain walls, tiling the roof etc - the photos of the finished products on their website look really good but how easy is it to achieve that level of finish, I wonder

  9. Looks great. Some of the photos on the website show that they've added a finish to the walls. Any idea what they've done to it as it looks great?