Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Trip to Reading - Warfare 2013

Sunday morning November 16th headed off in the car to Reading - arrived at 09.30 and had a bloody awful bacon sandwich inside the leisure centre.

Whilst there I spent a few quid  - more stuff for Shedwood and took some photos of the games on display...enjoy

This was the main hall for the competition games

All the Warhammer games were being played in the squash courts - rather an apt name !


  1. Thanks for the pics, some great looking demo games there!

  2. Great photos. Some of those tables were huge! The WW2 style tank factory was very impressive. I liked the wild west one to, for the simple fact that it looks like it needed an extra player just to control the cattle.

  3. Thank you for those nice photos!

  4. Great pics and some amazing tables! Thanks for sharing.