Monday, 21 October 2013

Cliffs - All Finished part (part 4)

With a few days off I decided to finish off the cliffs (yes the black had dried)

If you want to start at part 1 head here

part 1

So when I left you last I had just added the ballast and primed the units black for the ground. Once all this was dry I could begin the painting.

The flat surfaces have been dry brushed browns through to a very light cream.

Up next the cliffs were progressively painted grey - dark through to lights.

You can see the big difference the dry brushing has's just the cliffs in black !

Once all this was dry I have added the static grass - Ill get round to adding some bushes at some point but I have to stop now as I have a game for this evening to set up.

Close up of cliffs - two of these sections have ramps up to the upper levels

A giant Mesa

The Castle sits proudly on the raised ground.

A better view of one of the causeways up to the top...

If you are interested in more things rocky..head here

If you want to see how the castle was built head here...

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  1. Thank you for sharing - your site and projects are inspirational for a new (well... newish) hobbyist

  2. Fantastic - I was so impressed I made a small one myself.
    Thanks for the idea. Dan

  3. Excellent they look very effective. The Castle looks superb mounted on the cliffs.

  4. Nice work as always! I also see a shield in the background. A fellow SCA member?

  5. Great work! Really well done.