Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Frustration is Over - 28mm Hedges - part 2

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This is the second part to my hedge building project - if you want to read the disastrous part 1 go here

If you following this story welcome....

Well after my disastrous attempts at fixing the clump foliage using PVA glue as reported in the last post I finally found a way to fix the hedges.

A quick trip to B&Q (large DIY chain) revealed all sorts of wonderful glues, wanting to make sure that the product dried clear I picked up this product.

Its called Glue & Fix and is manufactured by Bostik

It flows from the tube like a liquid toothpaste and certainly does the job. Not only has it fixed the clumps to the battens is seems to be holding the firm. I would recommend however that this is done outside as the product somewhat stinks.

So in the space of about an hour nearly four metres of hedges were finished. I still sprayed scenic cement over the top to be sure.

All finished !

The edges were then dry brushed browns to finish them off.

Close up

28mm figure behind for scale

A clue to my next project ? (maybe)

Up next are the corners and t junctions required. These have been finished in exactly the same way.

Finally I’ll be making some gate sections

Until next time

A happy Eric


  1. I had the same frustration trying to make pine trees. I ended up flinging what I had done away and brought tree armatures. No pines in my forest now :)

  2. They look really good - glad to see your frustrations are over!
    I read this blog with interest as I've yet to embark on my own hedge making saga. I have the scouring pads in a bag but haven't got them out yet...

  3. These are absolutelty lovely! I'll try to reproduce this at home.

  4. Great hedges

    I had similar problems and also used the Bostik glue - its a good all round glue with good sticking power - unfortunately not good to use it with foamboard

    -- Allan

  5. I am currently looking at this issue myself. I'm going with the same glue, hopefully works well with 15mm hedges!