Thursday, 25 July 2013

Roman Gold - A Saga Adventure

The latest Saga game from the shed featured a scenario I lifted from the Studio Tomahawk forum – link

This scenario would see two Warlords pitted against each other a find of Roman Gold. An old Villa complex lies in the middle of disputed territory. Whilst looking for stone some local peasants discover a chest of Roman Gold. Realising that they cannot shift it themselves they run back to their lord and tell him of their find.

Wanting the treasure for himself the Viking chieftain despatches a unit of his hearthguard and a levy of thralls to take control at the ruins whilst he gathers his remaining forces. However the news of this glorious find has spread like wildfire and a local Anglo Dane Lord also wants the spoils.

So the scene is set. Both forces have six point warbands.

The Vikings played by Mark elect to use

1 unit of standard Hearthguard (4 figures) situated in ruins
1 unit of levy (12 figures) situated in ruins

2 units of Berserkers (each 4 figures)
2 units of warriors (each 8 figures)
1 Warlord

The Viking Defenders

These forces arrive in turn one from the defenders side of the table.

Arrayed against the Vikings are my Anglo Danes

1 unit of Hearthguards (stabndad) – 8 figures
1 unit of Dane Axe Hearth guard – 4 figures
2 units of Warriors – each 8 figures
1 unit of levy – 12 figures
1 Warlord

The attackers (Danes) started the game

Danish Hearthguard advance

To begin with I moved my forces forward towards the ruins. With my levy protecting my right flank from the trees I was hoping to charge the ruins with my ‘heavies’ and sieze the treasure early on.  The only comabatitive action in the first round were the Viking levies firing from the ruins into my super heavy hearth guard unit. Thanking my shield wall only one man succumbed to the Viking bows.

Round 2
I loaded up my battle board with some rather tasty treats, another Shield wall, hard as iron to reroll failed defence rolls, and the ‘Push. Throwing my tough Hearthguard against the Viking levy some serious dice rolling saw 6 of the lightly armed troops fall in a spray of blood. With the shieldwall protecting my guard from the levies defence I suffered NO casualties. Victory was mine and I played the coup de grace on the levy unit – the Push. Effectively this gave me a free attack with no defence and another three thralls hit the dirt.

With the defending levy cleared the Danes advance on the Viking Hearthguard

A closer shot

Realising that my guard were about to seize the ruins for little cost Mark threw in his defending guards, although outnumbered they downed three more of my men before succumbing to my axes and swords. In the space of one round my large Hearth guard unit had wiped out a smaller guard unit and all his levies. I was having fun !

Advancing Danes
Round 3

Time to consolidate my gains. My levy finally got into position in the left hand woods. I moved up may warrior units to cover my left flank and I sent my remaining hearthguard into finish off the skulking levies.
Meanwhilst Mark was steadliy advancing with his troops into the ruins.

Viking Defenders

Round 4

Realising that I was running out of time (only seven rounds for the game) I hastily moved up my remaining warriors and hearthguard. By now Marks Vikings were in the ruins and he threw a unit of warriors up against my victorious guard. A boodfest followed and I was lucky to escape with one man remaining. His guard also lost three men so a draw in the melee was recorded.

The fight over the ruins

Round 5

By now my Warrior units had arrived at the ruins and I threw the first unit into combat against the opposing defenders. A few dice later and neither side had given ground. However this soon changed as a second Viking unit joined the fray. Beaten but not destroyed I was really struggling to get into these ruins.

Round 6

Again a fruitless melee ensued on the walls of the Roman site with neither side gaining the break they needed.

The final and desparate Danish Push

Round 7

Could I get my forces within 2 inches of the chest and force a draw? Loading up my last hearthguard with activation dice and battle board nasties I charged the remaining Viking units. With my Warlord leading the dash, my Dane Axes swept all in front of them. A units of berserker fell swiftly and I was in reach of my goal. However such ambitious plansd have a cost and two of my brave guard had fallen at the last hurdle. All I could hope was that Marks Vikings could not force my troops back in their counter attack.

The death of a Warlord
Alas he got the dice he needed and within minutes the second Berserker unit crashed into combat with their warlord. My die rolling was atrocious as my Warlord and remaining bodyguard were sent forth to Valhalla. The Vikings could claim the treasure.

Despite a much higher bodycount they had emerged victorious – eight Vikings stood proud whilst 22 Danes beat a hasty retreat. Revenge will be mine !     


  1. Sounds like it was a fun game.

  2. good looking game, thanks for sharing
    Peace James

  3. Great game. Really nice scenery piece(s) for the battle ground. And the scenario was creative.

  4. Looks like you had lots of fun! Thanks for sharing this great AAR!

  5. Looks like you had a great game, which is what I find Saga always seems to give.

    One comment, you can not normally take two units of Berserkers in the Viking force. They are usually limited to one unit only of 4 models. (similar is true for Norman Crossbowmen, 1 unit only of between 4 and 8 models strong)

    But for your games play as you wish, as it is all for fun and enjoyment of the players concerned. I just thought it would be useful to point it out in case you were unaware.

    Cheers, John