Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Papiss Challenge - One Million Years -part 1

The folks over on the Lead Adventurer forum are holding a challenge and I have decided to take part.

The Rules

Why this?! Well, for starters I think most countries (probably in the world) have an IKEA. So in a sense it is a universal box* making for a good common denominator in a challenge like this. Also it costs ~ almost nothing.

So what's the challenge then, well:
  • Sketch/design/make a write up of a complete set-up for a playable game (terrain and miniatures) that can fit in a PAPPIS box from IKEA. You're not allowed to construct scenic pieces that can't fit in the box (elaborate gaming boards with trenches etc and water features) but you ARE allowed to make us of a flat painted gaming board/mat/whatever when presenting the final thing
  • Keep track of your progress in this thread while constructing (and painting) your set-up
  • Finally prove your concept by showing the whole lot packed in the PAPPIS and in all it's splendour on a table

Anything is fair game; A 10mm massive thing, a 54 mm skirmish on a 4'x4' board and so on. Whatever you fancy!

Also the box can enter into the thing anyway you want to: You can paint it, glue the rules on it, amend it's function or just keep it plain as a storage box.  

The sacred outer dimensions of the Pappis box are:

width 25cm, depth 34 cm and height 26cm

Anything within these boundaries is acceptable.

The thing will run for a three months and finish around 20th of July
I for my sins have decided to build One Million Years BC in a box
I decided early on the box would be the playing surface and came up with this plan...

So a trip off to B&Q to get some cut 12mm MDF and hinges.

An hour or so later this was on the table

Which folds up like this

Next up and week later I started the ground work...first the Volcano and some small ground rises

And once these were dry I smoothed off the rises with filler and covered the wholething in sand and ballast

AS things progress there will be more updates here and on the Lead Adventure Forum.

Wish me luck


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  1. Impressive, I look forward to seeing how this turns out.