Wednesday 8 May 2013

Bank Holiday Builds

I managed to spend a reasonable amount of time in the shed this weekend and with no game played on Monday night I was able to manage a number of projects in one hit.

First up - I decided that the sea terrain needed to be improved for the pirate ships. A trip to B&Q and a few quid later I was the proud owner of 6 boards 50cm x 50cm. On these I pasted wall paper paper, and then painted black followed by a heavy green. I am in two minds as to whether or not I should paint the whitecaps on the waves ? Thoughts?

The photo below shows the sea tile on the left versus the old blue vinyl top mounted on the table.

With the water in plan I started rummaging through the old bits and bobs box and came up with some kiddy rocky outcrops. Glued onto hardboard, filled and painted black then grey - hey presto a small rocky island.

This still needs some foliage and some crashing waves but its a nice little feature.

The same rummage pulled out what can best be described as a stone jetty. Well thats what it became. I pulled off all the ertraneous matter, resurfaced the top in flagstones and gave the whole thing a paint.
It works really well and extends play in the harbour !

For those of you interested the game it came from was this....

I also managed to finish off the Ainsty sloop. Just need to finish off the sails !

Last week a parcel finally arrived from China - more Palm trees. Not that I have anything against the Pegasus palm trees they are expensive and timely to build. 40 of the one you can see in the pictuire cost less than £25. A couple of hours plus some drying time saw all these based and flocked. I then highlighted the leaves in a bright green

Finally I managed to put some paint on the 18th century table top carriage - quite pleased with the seults

Coming up soon - A very big Pirate Battle !!


  1. Really love that carraige!

  2. nice additions to the scenics - carriage looks good

    -- Allan

  3. Very nice! If you do go with white caps, less would be more! I'd play around with lacquer first on a scrap piece and find an effect I'd like. They look pretty good as is. Rollers on the terrain pieces would probably be best.

  4. Love the ships. They look great.