Wednesday 20 February 2013

Setting Sail for Pirate Island

A little bit more progress over the weekend...

The Cerberus sails into view of Pirate Island

Sailes furled the crew haul up in front of the coastal port

Action stations...

 The Port is calm before the storm...


The Fort Garrison

Pirate Town (mOre work still to be done)

Another Broadside

With Long John Silver directing events

Come back soon....


  1. Fantastic pictures, with wonderful details! The fort garrison is my favourite...great work!

  2. lovely ship and super setup - I wish I had so much table space

    -- Allan

  3. Wow! Great site. I added this to my blogs. If you like, checkout my blog at
    I just ran a large pirate game at cincycon a couple of weeks ago. Turned out to be a really fun game for all. Thanks for posting the photos.