Sunday 9 December 2012

Pirate Island - On the Beach

Finally got round to starting the beach.

First up I cut some hardboard sections that would match up along a 2 metres front. With some nice wavy lines for the shore they were soon ready for action.

Next up I starting cutting some thinner polystyrene for the dunes. These were stuck down onto the hardboard base with Hard as Nails glue.

Allowing these to set for at least 24 hours I then turned my attention to the points were the dunes meet the static grass green boards. Using the hot foam cutter the lip was trimmed back so there will be a smooth transition from board to dune section.

The dunes themselves are then covered in filler sloping down to the sea shore.

You will notice the tops of the dunes are quite flat. This will allow for these to be ‘planted’ with palm trees.

The next stage did cause a touch of anxiety as I wanted to represent the gentle lapping of water onto the beach. By chance I was wondering the wallpaper aisle of Homebase and came across some heavy embossed paper. The moment of inspiration had arrived.  Most of these DIY shops allow you to tear of a sample so I duly obliged and a half metres roll went into my trolley – this should be sufficient for my needs   

The wall paper is then gut and trimmed to fit the remaining bare area of hardboard.Once the filler was dry the majority of the board is then coated in PVA and covered in fine train ballast...what else for a beach?

Every Pirate beach needs palm trees - these were ordered a few weeks ago from the hobby store and got broken out this weekend.

Three trees in each box - two different types of boxes - I bought four boxes - 12 trees

The plams were then based on hardboard...and then coated in filler. Next post will see the finished article..

Back to the beach - covered in black acrylic to strengthen the top surface.

A suitable coat of glossy green & blue paint for the seas edge

A heavy dry brushing of white to bring out the gentle waves. The water sections will be coated in clear varnish to give the watery affect.

There is not a big finished picture at the moment because I am keeping my powder dry...
Come back soon for the next instalment

To carry on this journey click here: Pirate Harbour


  1. Coming along nicely. Those trees look good

  2. Impressive progress. The waves look great. And I love the lawn-shark!

  3. Very nice waves...looking for more!

  4. Wow, great work - looking forward to see the finished coastal modules

    -- Allan

  5. Brilliant stuff- As Usual. So good, in fact, that I have decided I will nominate you for a Liebster Award.

    Here's more details- and congratulations. Keep up the good work.