Wednesday 19 December 2012

Palm Trees for Pirate Island

Palm Trees for a Tropical island

All good tropical beaches need palm trees and my coastline will be no exception.

By chance I found a great link to some Palm trees sold by Pegasus hobbies – they manufacture two styles and both stand around 7 inches tall. These are model kits and need to assembled.

I purchased four boxes through Model hobbies – each box contains enough material for three trees.

They were relatively straightforward to build but I would recommend that you put them together in the following manner.

1.       Glue the bases supplied to a wider base (otherwise they will keep falling over !) – I then smoothed the base over with filler and coated in sant and ballast. The final base was drybrushed in brown, ochre then very light sand colours.

2.       Paint the trunks black then glue into the bases. Drybrush the trunks browns.
3.       The foliage comes with small sprues separating the leaves – using a sharp pair of scissors you can clip these out really easily.
4.       Both sets of foliage were then dry brushed dark green and bright light green (in that order). I couldn’t be bnothered to prime the leaves as they were already green. Finally the edges of some of the leaves were tinged light brown.
5.       Once painted assembly is very straightforward – you push each leaf section onto the thin plastic pin on top of the trunk starting with the largest foliage piece first. Only the final piece needs to be glued in place to stop all the others from falling off.

6.       To complete the effect a few clumps of static grass were added around the base of the trees. This will help them tie into the jungle terrain and denote the edge of the beach.

Picture to follow)

In terms of cost they work out at about £3.30 each..

Want to see more Palm Trees and they are cheaper head here...

Palm Trees - More


  1. Nice palm trees, I've made a note of the the Pegasus ones if I need more. You can also get some nice tree and palm tres from

    -- Allan

  2. Thanks for the "how-to"!


  3. I've used these as well in the past ... I must say, although they require assembly/painting - they are the finest looking palm trees I've seen ... and cheap (compared to the likes of Woodland scenics and such).