Friday, 2 November 2012

Rocky Outcrops

In a moment of madness  between running the kids between various events I decided that I would build some rocky outcrops to accompany the recent waterfall. Although this work was spread out over two days allowing for drying time the actual process to build these four items was less than 3 hours.

I reckon the total cost of materials was also less than £10.

The following is a quick step by step process for churning out big terrain in very little time.

Materials required: Black, Grey and White - lots of black needed, grit, Static Grass & the foam.

My foam is the insulating type used in modern extensions. Look out for it in local skips and builders yards. Off cuts are usually plentiful.

Start with a block that looks like this: (no idea why photo on its size)

Using an old knife hack out the outcrop into the shape you want. Tearing the blocks out works well.

Into a rocky shape....

Once cut paint the whole thing black - TWICE - the acrylic paint helps to stop the outside from flaking and gives it a tough skin. If needs be glue the foam outcrop onto a board/card for further strength.

Drying in the Winter Sun !

To get to this point took me approximately 1 hour to build four outcrops - another 20 minutes will be required to paint the second skin.

Once dry the next step is really quick & fun. Using a largish brush ( I buy the cheap ones in the poundshops for this) dry brush the whole thing dark grey.

Dry-brushed with Codex Grey

By the time you have finished you can dry brush the outcrop light grey....

Dry brushed with Fortress Grey

Then add a bit of top soil on the top...

Once done add static grass to complete the final look....

Affed a few trees to illustrate that this could be a wooded outcrop

Soon to appear on the battlefield

Thanks for reading