Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pirates - A new adventure for the Shed

Fifteen men on a dead mans chest

Now that I have completed my French Indian Wars project – will still be buying the odd set of figures I am turning my attentions to the next project. In a sense it is a continuation rather than something completely new.

My decision was made quite easily when I purchased a rather fabulous looking ‘man of war’ from Ainstey Castings – you guessed it my next adventure will be Pirates !

As I always start my projects with the figures I immediately sent off an order for the Pirate Horde with Foundry. 48 hours later the figures arrived – great service. I have just primed and based the seventy figures, painting the first of my motley crew will follow. A few other Pirates and nautical types will be added but I reckon around 100 ruffian types will be more than enough for the skirmish games I want to run.

With all the 18th century stuff accumulated for the FIW I can use a great deal of the figures and terrain in a pirate setting. Obviously we will be moving to warmer climes so it gives me another chance to roll out the jungle terrain constructed rather expensively a few years back.

So I can tick off the jungles, the rivers & waterfalls, the trade goods (just need lots of treasure chests).

I eventually want to build an Island retreat complete with small fort, harbour and township. This will be surrounded with cliffs, beaches and inland features. The ideas are starting to formulate. Like many of my projects the planning is done in my head and I tend to deal with issues as they come along rather than plan out in advance.

So if you like your rum, your cutlasses sharp and the Jolly Roger flying at the topmast keep an eye on developments in the shed.




  1. A very nice project! Looking for more!

  2. Arrgghh...that be a great lookin' ship Matey.

  3. A good start on your new project, can't wait to see more. That ship looks damn fine.

  4. I really enjoyed your FIW project so I'm looking forward to seeing this!


    1. Cheers Chris - cant believe I am already starting something new - must be a crew loose somewhere !

  5. Nice start for your new project. Games of War - have some nice buildings in their range which work well; I have figures from Foundry, Old Glory, Black Scorpion, Brigade Games, Irregular Miniatures. I have about 70+ pirates/naval crew plus some natives and colonial troops - these just right for small style skirmish games - last one played posted on http://adventures-in-the-indies.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/carribbean-pirates-raid-san-miguel.html

    -- Allan

  6. Bobs Babbit Bobbles10 November 2012 at 15:52

    Awesome Eric. Can't wait to see how this turns out. It will either be amazing or it will fail miserably! I wonder which...


    1. Hi BBB

      Umm-- can we go for a touch of amazing with a few failures on the way?