Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Walkers

Last weekend, I headed up to excel to Salute with my 11 year old son. His mission at these events is to see what his hard earned pocket money could buy and usually I find him scurrying through the bins of old heroclix and starwars figures. All of a sudden he says – ‘Dad, how about these for robots? ‘ He knows that I am looking for 28mm robots for my futuristic, apocalyptic game.

Grasped in his hand was a Star Wars robot – called a Telosian Battle Droid. Its about 5 inches tall and stands on two legs – it looks odd but maybe with a bit of alteration who knows. On close examination I reckon if the body was twisted 90 degrees I walker would emerge. The price - £3.00 – Into the bag went four droids.

I set to work – cutting the body from the legs proved easy and hey presto with a few spots of glue a better looking droid/walker emerged.

It makes you think whether my new incarnation was the original design ?

The following photos illustrate the conversion and paint job for three of the units. The fourth – well it got cut up and turned into two wrecks !

The original droid

The conversion

Two 'converted units' - i think they look better

Cut one of the walkers in two and hey presto a couple of wrecks

A completed wreck...

The First Unit complete...


  1. A very different look based on a simple change. I love the wrecks!

  2. I had my eye on these for a VSF project after seeing them on another blog. I really like the way you flipped the body 90 degrees, and I agree that it makes it more interesting.

    Consider this idea stolen, if I can get my hands on some of these at a reasonable price. Just one or two, you know.