Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Eagles Stand....

Shed Wars goes on the road to sunny Woking  for a rather small ancient wargame........

Britain - a nation of warring tribes and Romans !

This engagement was fought using 10mm figures, Warmaster Ancient Rules and a big table including Hill Fort !

The Hill fort is to the south- west....in all its glory

The Battle - A Roman legion intent on destroying a raiding parties hill fort has been ambushed.

Eric the Redicus. Legate of the the Legion has been caught unawares with a mass of barbarians piling in from the north - does he continue with the destruction of the hill fort or about face and march on the advancing barbarians....BOTH !!

The assault at the fort...

The Romans managed to get past the first barricade but were halted at the second tier...Why - well this lot were advancing.....

Faced with an enemy that outnumbered him almost 2 to 1 the Roman legate advanced on the approaching hordes....

A general advance was sounded across the front,,,

The enemy await....

With command rolls failing the hordes fell upon the brave legionairies - slaughtered to a man. The pictures are far too gruesome to show (if truth be told I forgot to take pictures at the end...)

A few extra piccies

Roman Heavy Cavalry

To the Victor the spoils..........


  1. I enjoyed your blow-by-blow of the battle. Nice scenery and troops. I've never seen a model-setup of a hill fort...excellent, Sir.

  2. Good looking game and enjoyed the report. While I do 15mm, I am always sorely tempted when I see 10mm to move to that scale. But so little time!

  3. Yeah nice table. I also do 10mm for Caesars Gallic War

    Take care