Wednesday, 7 December 2011

World of Apocalypse 1

I must be mad ! A couple of months ago I had this notion that wanted a gaming table that represented an apocalyptic warzone. I was pushed into making this happen when I discovered the Pig Iron miniature range. The rest as they say is history...or should I say the future ?

Having given Tomorrows War a playtest last night it looks like this might be a continuing feature of the Shed.

Pig Iron: Kolony troopers escorting a light tank from the Old Crow range.

The Drop ship is from Old Crow, aerial stand purchased from Maplin.

Rather proud of this dropship - bought for a fiver a Warfare's bring & buy - mind you it was in bits and needed another coat of paint.

The full extent of the city - board is 3 metres by 1.5 metres- all building scratchbuilt from mdf, foamcore and hardboard.

Walker ?? Sorry cannot tremember company bought a few years ago. All the ruined cars have been picked up from charity shops and 99p stores over the last six month.  Of course I have had to rebase them, paint and rust up. Some of them were even set alight !

Robot advancing from Pig Iron - stands about 4.5cm tall

Very cool Walker - looks like the Star Wars versions - need to get some more !

Pig Iron Troopers - note the texture of the reversed side of the hardboard roads !

Kolony Troopers standing in front of mesh fencing made from gutter guard. Don't ask - my eleven year old son pointed it out in the local pounstore and said dad this looks interesting...can you use it ?
Pig Iron Troopers advancing -


  1. Attention to detail amazing 'Eric'. Great pics. Lovely job.

  2. Replies
    1. No its a table set up for a wargame...thanks for dropping by